Loft Insulation

Loft insulation is an excellent energy saving measure to prevent heat loss from your home. It involves adding a barrier of insulation material to your roof space either between the joists (the horizontal beams on the floor of your loft/roof area) or the rafters (the angled support beams of the roof).

Due to the low cost of insulating your loft as well as the short time the works takes to complete it’s a great choice to consider for improving your home.

Up to 25% of the heat from your home can be lost through the roof so having a well insulated loft can make a big difference!

What are the main benefits of Loft Insulation

  • Lower heating bills thanks to improved thermal performance of your roof
  • Easy to install and very cost effective
  • A warmer home in the winter
  • Quick one day install to complete the work
  • Improving the energy efficiency rating on the EPC of your home

Fully Qualified Partners

Our loft and cavity services are delivered by our partner Interglow. With decades of experience, certified installations and with fully qualified site teams, all our customers are in good hands that maintain the high level of service and quality we offer.

Interglow Ltd Cavity & Loft Insulation